Nursery and Pre-School

Honeybees Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for childcare?

Childcare can be paid for by monthly direct debit, childcare vouchers, government childcare vouchers. All Payments are due on the 1st of every month.

Can I provide a packed lunch for my child instead of them having a cooked meal?

We have produced our menus from many years of experience of feeding child. We offer a healthy well-balanced diet throughout the day. All meals are eaten together with the staff and children sat to the table in a very sociable environment. Good table manners and eating habits are a must and all dietary requirements are catered for. We do not allow lunch boxes as we cannot protect children with allergies if food is brought in from home.

Can my child attend nursery for just one day?

We do not refuse one day a week attendance, but we do encourage more days or 2 half days, as it will take any child only attending one day, longer to settle than others.

Do I need to pay extra for meals and snacks while my child is at nursery?

Child attending fully paid sessions by parents do not incur any additional charges for food.

Do you offer funded places?

  • 15 hours and 30 hours childcare available
  • 15 hours is available to eligible 2 year olds
  • 15 and 30 hours is available to eligible 3 to 4 year olds

To obtain the 30 hours of funding you must be eligible to claim and to claim you must apply for a code through the website. Once you are in receipt of the code the nursery administration team will do the rest.

2 Year Old Education & Childcare Funding. Your child may be eligible, if you are on a low income, some types of benefit or meet certain other criteria, you might be eligible to apply for 570 hours free early education or childcare per year

In order to be eligible for free childcare for your two-year-old you must either be in receipt of a qualifying benefit or your 2-year-old child must fit into one of the categories of children who have additional needs. The qualifying benefits are: Income Support. income-based Jobseeker's Allowance

To apply for this funding you must contact your local authority or children’s centre who will then provide you with a code and we can then do the rest.

There is an additional charge for meals for any child undertaking funded sessions to which are compulsory during their attendance:

Breakfast £1.50
Snacks £1.50
Lunch £2.70
Tea £2.00

Do you offer settling sessions?

We offer 3 settling sessions initially and we find this is enough to settle any children. Settling session are the week before any child starts. These are free of charge.

Do you provide Nappies, and do you charge extra for them?

We do not provide nappies, wipes or formula milk.

Does the nursery have a garden?

We are very lucky with our outside space as we have ½ acre of rear garden, especially equipped for child to Learn and most of all have fun.

How can I access the FAMLY app?

You first must install the app on a Phone, tablet or PC and we provide you with a unique login.

The nursery runs an app-based software that links home to nursery. We use the app to allow parents to feel part of nursery life by way of child photographs, news and learning updates. We also inform parents of our yummy menu.

How will I know if my child is settling into nursery life?

The staff are trained to provide a very honest view to parents on how their child’s day has been, whether that be a good day or a not so good day. We have found over the years that parents benefit from knowing the good and the not so good as this is part of building a good strong relationship

What should my child wear to nursery?

We always say to parents never send your child in clothing that is for parties or celebrations, only send them in clothing that they can get messy in as we do a lot of messy.

Can my child bring a toy/s from home?

We do understand that sometime getting your child ready to leave in the morning is difficult and a favourite toy is used to ease this process, but whilst at nursery we encourage children to share and with any nursery equipment it is prepared for lots of little hands to enjoy, whereas individual children’s toys are not necessarily able to cope under the strain, so by all means bring the toy with you but we will put the toy away ready for your collection with your child later.

Who will be looking after my child?

The Nursery Management team is structured into 3 areas the Operations Manager, who is responsible for the Operation, Safety, Finance and Administration, The Nursery Manager for the Day to Day Management of the Nursery inclusive of the care, learning and Nursery Staff and the Deputy Manager who is responsible for deputising in the Manager’s absence and the Nursery Education.

In each suite there is a Senior Practitioner who is responsible for the day to day running and planning of that suite.

They are assisted by Practitioners and will often have a trainee.

Our support staff consist of a chef, cleaner, and a Maintenance Manager who also assist in the smooth running of the nursery.

What are your opening times?

We are open for 52 weeks per year.

Monday to Friday 07:30 to 18:00.

We are closed on all bank holidays.

We offer sessions throughout the day but are very flexible in our approach as we are aware some working patterns are different.